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Feminism,Mary Lambert, and KimCheezy Taking Back the Night

Being a feminist brings me joy. Not hating my body, and advocating for equality makes me happy. For a while I was dead set on  abandoning the label all together but since joining a community of offline kick ass feminists I have re-established myself as a pro-choice, body positive, trans inclusive feminist. And as as a pro-choice, body positive, trans inclusive feminist I like to listen to music that is women/queer positive in general. While a lot of the awesome music/bands that we review here on KimCheezy fits within that category some times a girl wants a little pop music. So what is a pro-choice, body positive, trans inclusive feminist to do? Enter Mary Lambert. You may recognize her as the vocalist in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “Same Love”.  She is super adorable and her song “Secrets” is my anthem. Her music and spoken word really speaks to me, and its exciting to see an outspoken feminist signed with Capitol Records. If you need a fun, positive, catchy song. Secrets is the one.

Mary Lambert album cover

Like all feminists I find the incident rates for sexual assault very troubling. Even worse is the misconceptions and beliefs surrounding sexual assault more  commonly known as rape culture. Rape culture is prevalent everywhere; in movies, music, and mainstream pop culture. Rape culture is a song that tells women “you know you want it” because of these “blurred lines” (of consent). Rape culture is supporting athletes charged with rape and calling their victims career-destroyers.  Rape culture is victims not taken seriously when they report rapes to their university campuses or being required to give sexual history to law enforcement to “check promiscuity”.  Its only 3% of rapists spending a day in jail. Its rape jokes and anyone who defends them. I find rape culture really troubling especially amongst my peers. Going to high school I hear my fair share of rape jokes and I always try to say something. But we at KimCheezy wanted to speak out against sexual assault and rape culture.  KimCheezy staff members recently went to a Take Back the Night rally. For those who don’t know TBTN is an event to speak out against sexual violence in all forms. It was very transformative for all who went and we made such a loud ruckus the news even covered the event. Our rally was held in North Park, San Diego where in the last few months,4 sexual assaults have occurred. In solidarity with the victims, we marched around the neighborhood chanting and holding poignant signs. With chants like “We are here, were are feminists, we are fabulous, don’t fuck with us,” Or “for the victims we will fight, lets take back the night”, we definitely made a statement.

I think we can do many things to help prevent sexual assault but victim blaming, slut shaming is not one of them. I met so many awesome women’s rights activists all working on educating others especially at the collegiate level and stopping the perceptions of victims of sexual violence.  Personally I feel much of the work that needs to be done is in high schools. Rapes are so frequent on college campuses I believe the conversation needs to start in high school. Educational sessions are perhaps the most commonly recognized form of sexual violence prevention and  work needs to be done to implement these  programs into high schools. I believe it is totally plausible, and KimCheezy staff members (who also have a Arts Activism club on their campus) are working on something along those lines. All in all it was such a great event, with more pics to come. Also didn’t we design some bad ass shirts? I think so.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.25.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.59.17 PM10425060_611843455591969_545190211800326800_n


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