Cherry Glazerr, The New Kinetics, The Frights, GRMLN- 9/13 Show Review

Saturday night KimCheezy staff Mia and I (Ana) were treated to an amazing show. Special thanks to the Irenic for the free press passes. Considering the line up we knew it was going to be a pretty spectacular show…and it was.

The Irenic is a church by day, all ages concert venue by night. Despite the religous iconography on the stained glass you it doesn’t scream church. The facilities were well kept, spacious, and unlike the Che Cafe, you don’t have to bring your own toilet paper. First up was GRMLN a San Fransisco based punk band.  I was thoroughly impressed by their diverse set, a mixture of punk, rock and killer riffs. From their first song I was transfixed and nearly deafened by the end. Frontman The quality of their performance really set a tone for an awesome show.

Second was The Frights, a favorite of KimCheezy. The Frights always bring a fantastic show and their stage presence is lively. I have never walked away from a show of theirs unimpressed or disappointed, except maybe the time I sprained my ankle dancing in the pit. All of their songs are amazing but my favorite has to be Beach Porn and Cold Another cool thing about The Frights is their energy translates into the crowd so well. Frights shows are always a lot of dancing, a lot of sweating, and a lot of fun. There is also a lot of dodging crowdsurfers. Security at the Irenic took this a little too far and actually tried pulling a crowdsurfer on to the stage in the middle of the set but I appreciate not having to watch for people landing on me. All in The Frights played an amazing show and we had amazing spots. I was basically catching Richards sweat the entire time. Shoutout to Mikey for giving me his pick.

Third was The New Kinetics, previously reviewed on KC. It was the same great performance although because of the crowd way more fun. TNK played some old favorites such as “Riffle Raff” and personal favorite “Be Mine” as well as some new stuff. I’m still waiting for Birdy to bust out “Reverie” at a show, one of my personal anthems, and when she does I will cry because that song gets me every fucking time.

Headlining was the long anticipated Cherry Glazerr. You may remember the Cherry Glazerr fan video KimCheezy staff made and recall our great love for Cherry Glazerr. Their songs are cute and adorable, just like them, and encompass the important things in life; Grilled Cheese, Pizza, trick or treating, band-aids, and friends. Considering how much we love CG we were expecting a mind blowing show. That being said I don’t know if all of our expectations were met. Part of that was the venue. It was very difficult to hear Clems amazing vocals, largely what makes Cherry Glazerr so amazing. I was also disappointed they didn’t play Pizza Monster, one of my favorites. Nevertheless it was still a really cool show.


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