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Music Video Review: Mac Demarco- Chamber of Reflection

If you have never heard of Mac Demarco, I definitely recommend him. He’s creepy, cute, crazy, funny, and Canadian… However I do NOT recommend watching this video if you’ve never listened to him.  I do recommend that you begin listening to one of his older albums, 2.

Mac has slowly been releasing videos from his most recent album, Salad Days. So, we at KimCheezy were pretty excited to see what he’s been up to.

Chamber of Reflection resembles some of his past videos such as, Passing Out Pieces and Ode to Viceroy.  

When I first watched the video I was kinda thrown off by the fact, Chamber of Reflection was different from his official version. The video follows a women wearing a Homer Simpson mask walking through a series of areas. Not only that but, the video also features a bunch of random stock footage. Which adds to the awkwardness.

Basically the whole video makes no sense at all but then again that’s totally Mac Demarco.

If you’re a big Macky fan, watch it. If you’re not, then don’t waste your time.

You can watch Mac’s new music video: Here


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