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My Ché Story

Ché Cafe

Outside the Ché Cafe. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Everyone in the SD music scene has a story about the Ché. This collective turned music venue has hosted many big acts before they made it big. Blink-182, Bon Iver, Matt and Kim, FIDLAR, Mac DeMarco, and Death Cab for Cutie have all graced the Ché’s tiny stage. The Ché is also a space for grassroots activism and radical change, hosting political events and inspiring discussions on topics such as feminism, LGBTQ, and trans issues. I have a lot of sentiment tied to the Ché. In fact, it was the venue where the KimCheezy staff attended their first show together (Days of Light Gravity, Owl and Penny, Sundressed, and the Frights- 11/20/14).

With the looming date of the UCSD Advisory Board’s vote to permanently cut the Ché Cafe from the Universities budget I felt it important to share my Ché and what the small cabin in the woods means to me.

The Ché is my go to place when I have time to waste and want to exert my energy in a productive manner rather than sitting on my couch writing activist ramblings while binge (re)watching Orange is the New Black.  The Ché is the perfect place for blossoming activists. Many a time I have spent discussing the merits of tempeh and tofu at community meetings and watching feminist films with like minded feminists. I even worn a homemade feminist t-shirt reading, “Post Feminist in a Post Patriarchy” to a show once.  The Ché is a safe space, I hope it remains that way for all the hippy, vegan, punk, queer, crusty, hardcore, and  screamo kids to come.

In the mean time please sign this petition asking the Advisory Board to SAVE THE CHÉ.

Perfect Pussy

Samantha and me with Meredith of Perfect Pussy. (5/30/14)


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