Playlist: Too Young To Be In Love


A lot of times feelings and life in general just get a little too heavy. I constantly feel as though everything I do has to be significant and important. As I’m getting older, I’m expected to grow up into another serious, dull adult.

Instead of accepting my fate as a bland, functioning member of society, I’ve decided to cling to my lame youth for as long as I can. I never want to outgrow screaming my feelings and dancing alone in my bedroom at midnight. So, I comprised a mix of songs that are suitable for screaming at the top of your lungs while you’re binging on Oreos and ice cream with your best friend, or reminiscing about the first time your crush actually liked you back.

These songs are an ode to simpler times of catchy choruses and never growing up, listen here.


Track List:

Prove My Love /// The Violent Femmes

This Song Is Wrong /// Hornet Leg

Hanging On The Telephone /// The Nerves

Should I Stay Or Should I Go /// The Clash

Dead Wrong /// Hanni El Khatib

Sleep Talk /// Shannon And The Clams

Too Young To Be In Love /// Hunx & His Punx

Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans /// Mac DeMarco

I’ll Be With You /// Black Lips

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